Highest level of Quality Control and Traceability, the Krosaki Global Tracking System…

Each Krosaki AG product is assigned a unique code that accompanies every single piece throughout the whole cycle; all manufacturing operations, x-ray scans, testing, transport and storage at the steel plant. If there is an issue during steel manufacture, we quickly work through our investigation procedure to find the exact properties of that single refractory. Investigating a manufacturing issue relies on transparency to understand the exact problem, what contributed to it and what the solution is, the Global Tracking System helps facilitate this for the Krosaki Refractories. Once the Quality Control data on other refractories in the batch is reviewed, usage can continue with confidence.


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What exactly is Krosaki Harima? What exactly is a refractory?

Steel features in so many aspects of our lives, when you wake up tomorrow think about the steel in your bed, the mobile phone you pick up, the knife you make your breakfast with, the house where you are living, the car you drive to work in, the bridge you pass over, the building where you work, the laptop you work on....

It is only once you stop and think that you realise modern life is impossible without steel.

Manufacturing high quality steel has many contributors, one of them being high quality refractories, which is where Krosaki Harima enters the picture. Krosaki Harima is a leading manufacturer of refractories, a material that can withstand temperatures of 1,500°C or higher, which is essential to produce iron and steel. Refractories seem a small part of the process, but have a big impact on the final product.

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Steps taken by Krosaki Harima's towards achieving the SDGs - Krosaki Harima Sustainable Development Goals (SDG's)

At Krosaki Harima we take a holistic approach towards achieving our Sustainable Development Goals. Meaning we look at sustainability from many different angles and use design, planning and technology to achieve these goals. We support a sustainable society by utilising our experience, knowledge cultivated over 100 years of history. Our eco-friendly approach to manufacturing is the right thing to do, we have one earth and all play a part in protecting it.

We have reduced carbon dioxide emissions in the manufacturing process by developing unfired refractories that do not require a high-temperature baking process and monolithic refractories that are completed simply by mixing the raw materials. We also provide eco-friendly refractories that take into account how they are disposed of, to try and 'close the recycling loop'. We design and construct industrial furnaces with energy-saving functions to create steel production that does less harm to the environment. We are also reducing carbon dioxide emissions worldwide by supplying refractory materials for biomass power plants and insulation materials for ENEFARM (Residential Fuel Cells). Moreover, we contribute to a recycling-oriented society by providing landscape bricks made from recycled construction and ceramics waste materials.

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One of our aims at Krosaki Harima is a world where no one is left behind - Krosaki Harima Sustainable Development Goals (SDG's)

Krosaki Harima aims to protect a future world in which people and nature live together. It is important for Krosaki Harima to protect the richness of nature for future generations to inherit. Our expertise in technology to “Control the Heat" supports not only the necessities in steel production for our daily lives, but it also contributes to protecting clean environment when possible.
Krosaki Harima is committed to protecting lives and livelihoods and passing the baton to future generations. There are still many people in the world who can’t afford enough food, water as well as have no access to clean air or greenery. Some of our values include:

  • A clean environment
  • Human connections that go beyond national borders and gender
  • A healthy living enviromnment

Krosaki Harima as a company believes that people are important and we continue to support the growth of society in an Earth friendly way.

Watch this refractories Sustainable Development Goals video to find out more: